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Wood Wise Training Options

Log Quality / Log Grading / Log Scaling Training

  • For log yard staff who unload and inspect logs on arrival
  • Log grading rules, log scaling and log volume and conversion factor calculations

Sawmilling Machine Operator Training

  • Training of head rig / primary operators to maximise recovery, conversion and production
  • Training of secondary sawyers - edger, resaw, breast bench operators to cut correctly to production schedule, maximise value recovery

Visual Grading Training

  • Training of sawmill and drymill timber graders to your grading rules for domestic and export grades. This covers defect identification, measurement and visual assessment of defects, understanding and application of grading rules through practical grading sessions.
  • Development and assessment of graders to determine understanding of theory and practical application to minimum 80% accuracy (trainee graders), 90% accuracy (graders) and 95% accuracy (top graders).
  • Training of other production staff in grading rules (sawmill operators, docking saw operators etc).
  • Developing the role and skills of a supervising grader to carry out day-to-day supervision of graders and grade quality including table audits and formal weekly internal packet audits.

Kiln Operator Training

  • Ensuring operators undertsand drying theory and practical kiln operation
  • Charge release criteria - hot checks, in-kiln probes, TDAL, vents, energy use
  • Use and calibration of moisture meters
  • Minimise quality issues and costs in your drying operation
  • Maximise through-put
  • Kiln control performance
  • Maintenance programs and opportunities
  • Practical kiln solutions to everyday issues

Machine Stress Grading and Verification Training

  • Machine Stress Grader training to provide the knowledge and skills to monitor your machine’s performance and overall grading accuracy.
  • Machine calibration
  • Grade thresholds
  • Consistency checks
  • Repeatability checks
  • Structural timber verification training

Treatment Plant Operator Training

  • Ensuring your operators understand treatment theory and practical plant operation - Boron, LOSP, CCA and CCA alternatives.
  • Ensure your product is treated to the correct standard
  • Minimise chemical costs while ensuring compliance
  • Maximise through-put
  • Treatment control performance
  • Maintenance programs and opportunities
  • Practical treatment solutions to everyday issues
  • Health, safety and environmental compliance

Training can be arranged to fit in with your shift patterns. Tell us what you would like!

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